Tuesday, May 11, 2010

This is a very exciting post, which will start with the phrase , "This morning I took out the trash"

here goes:

This morning I took out the trash, and I found THIS THING in the dumpster:

Snoozing Away

Which reminded me of a conversation I had with my good friends Abbie and David several years ago as they were dropping me off from a night at the Roots and Blues Fest in Columbia. As we drove by the dumpsters, I informed my friends of something I was sure was very important at the time:

" DAVID! We have POSSSUMS in our dumpster! POSSUMS!!!"

They have never let me live it down. Understandably.

I wanted to take a picture of the thing's face so I kicked the dumpster to see if it would wake up:


Then I decided to pitch an empty box of macaroni and cheese at the trash bag the thing was laying in. Not at the thing directly, I would never do that. Not to mention I don't have the aim anyway.

It started to breathe a little harder.


At this point 7 years of professional education finally decided to resurface, and these thoughts floated to the top of my head:

The thing wants to be left alone.
It is probably sick, that's why it's not responding to you.
It might have rabies.
It could bite you in the face.
Leave it ALONE!

These thoughts prompted my photography-crazed brain to reconsider my tactic and lob an empty cat food can at the thing. (again, just at the bag, not actually at the thing.)

Again, breathing a little harder, then nothing. Sigh.

Luckily none of my neighbors had driven by at this point. I'm sure the sight of a person in Lucky Charms pajamas and an MU jacket taking photos of the inside of a dumpster would have confirmed any dangling supsicions they may have had about my sanity. Good thing I'm only living here for another week and a half.

My vet brain finally regained control and made me go home and take this photo of my cat. She likes to bite too though so I can't say it was much safer except that she's had her rabies shot


  1. LOL Marley is SO mean. That's hilarious about the raccoon. Or is that a possum?

  2. LOL it's a raccoon. You're right, in this pic she is even fighting with her own feet.