Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tiger Lullaby

To start off I'd like to say that this photo reminds me of the scene in Jurassic Park where you just see the T-rex'es eye ball blinking before all heck breaks loose.

With that in mind, I'm going to sing you the lullaby I sing my little miniature tiger before her bedtime.  It's an adaptation of the song from the movie, "The Hangover", and goes a bit like this:

What do tigers dream of
When they take a little tiger snooze
Do they dream of mauling Gator
Or biting mommy through her shoes?

Don't you worry your pretty striped head
You're gonna take a nap in your cozy tiger bed
And then mommy's gonna sneak upstairs
and sleep in safety from your crazy tiger dares
love, love, oh love love, loveee love love

But if you escape and come up the stairs,
you might just lacerate my trachea.


If you're wondering how the tune goes, and haven't seen the movie, here is a youtube link to the original song, "What do tigers dream of"

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Let me explain...

Adam and I took a trip to Hermann recently...we had a great time wandering around and tasting all of their delicious food and wine.  Here are some pics from the trip

           Peach Pie from Time 4 Pie...soooooo delicious!!!

Gotta love this guy's smile!!

I think the pie lasted maybe 30 seconds...maybe!

Wine tasting at Stone Hill

Let me explain...

Hearts vs. Turtles vs. Stars
We both thought frowny faces were too obvious since we didn't want them to feel bad if we didn't like a certain wine so we used our previous tic-tac-toe system of Hearts (me) vs. Turtles (Adam) plus Stars to mark whether we liked each wine.
Hearts = complete dislike (contradictory, I know!)
Turtles = Medium like
Stars = Really like!!
This might not be the most sophisticated wine ranking system, but I think it works!

Adam poked me to show me what he had written next to the "Norton" wine. I almost choked with laughter trying to avoid spitting wine across the counter at the nice wine-tasting lady.
Lars is his dog.

LOL.  I think this was my favorite moment from the entire trip. 

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Awards Ceremony

Hello Everyone!

Last night was our vet school awards banquet, which is a really nice banquet followed by an awards ceremony that lasts almost 2 hours!  Over $250,000 in scholarships are given out to students of the vet school, and awards are often made in honor of beloved deceased pets, as well as proficiency awards given  for academic excellence and proficiency in the clinical studies species categories such as "Swine proficiciency" , "wildlife/exotics proficincey", "feline proficiency" and so on. 

The food was excellent and I got to sit at a table with all my friends and neighbors from Providence Hill (whom I will miss very much after we all move out):

Leslie and Joe, Look Joe's eyes are open!!

Peggy, Sarah, Brianne and Amberle

Look Peggy got the award for Feline Medicine Proficiency! Congrats Peggy! 
If you remember, Peggy's cats are featured here on an earlier blog post.

Laura G., Jenn and Laura B.
Jenn got an award for canine medicine proficiency!! Good job, Jenn!
Laura B also received an award for proficiency in radiology! Way to go!
Laura G. receives mention for winning an award in public health/epidemiology in previous years, which I dare say was a surprise to us all!

Me and my roommate Laura G.  I told her if her new roommates suck she can quit her internship and move back in with me in Farmington.  Not likely, this girl's not a quitter!

And Surprise!  I got an award for proficiency in large animal medicine and surgery!  I've never received an award at this banquet before so needless to say I was pretty darn happy! :)
Congrats to all my classmates on their accomplishments and I look forward to seeing you on stage at JESSE HALL Friday afternoon for one last, teensy-weensy non-important little stroll we're all taking...
One more day and then GRADUATION!!! :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

This is a very exciting post, which will start with the phrase , "This morning I took out the trash"

here goes:

This morning I took out the trash, and I found THIS THING in the dumpster:

Snoozing Away

Which reminded me of a conversation I had with my good friends Abbie and David several years ago as they were dropping me off from a night at the Roots and Blues Fest in Columbia. As we drove by the dumpsters, I informed my friends of something I was sure was very important at the time:

" DAVID! We have POSSSUMS in our dumpster! POSSUMS!!!"

They have never let me live it down. Understandably.

I wanted to take a picture of the thing's face so I kicked the dumpster to see if it would wake up:


Then I decided to pitch an empty box of macaroni and cheese at the trash bag the thing was laying in. Not at the thing directly, I would never do that. Not to mention I don't have the aim anyway.

It started to breathe a little harder.


At this point 7 years of professional education finally decided to resurface, and these thoughts floated to the top of my head:

The thing wants to be left alone.
It is probably sick, that's why it's not responding to you.
It might have rabies.
It could bite you in the face.
Leave it ALONE!

These thoughts prompted my photography-crazed brain to reconsider my tactic and lob an empty cat food can at the thing. (again, just at the bag, not actually at the thing.)

Again, breathing a little harder, then nothing. Sigh.

Luckily none of my neighbors had driven by at this point. I'm sure the sight of a person in Lucky Charms pajamas and an MU jacket taking photos of the inside of a dumpster would have confirmed any dangling supsicions they may have had about my sanity. Good thing I'm only living here for another week and a half.

My vet brain finally regained control and made me go home and take this photo of my cat. She likes to bite too though so I can't say it was much safer except that she's had her rabies shot

Monday, May 10, 2010


This is what my living room looks like right now. Ugh. of stuff is not what I'd consider a fun time...I'm wondering where all this junk came from!
That's my closet door. In the hallway.

This is my closet! Look, you can see the floor! I'm pretty sure I haven't seen that much floor in my closet since I moved in here ;)

Some of us are apparently just going to snooze away the whole thing...
Ahem...while certain others are WORKING.

But luckily some of us are having more fun than others....

Marley has been making kitty forts ever since I started moving the boxes in.

Again, I would like to reiterate that neither Marley nor Gator have offered their assistance in packing up all this stuff!!
Lazy punks!
Oh well.

The cow thing went ok, in case you were wondering. I got covered in enormous amounts of cow poo, as usual for that sort of thing. The problem with being short is you have to really get up in there to feel anything. I got poo in my ear. Lots.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The End

Guess what everyone! Vet school is OVER! It's been a week since my last day of class and I still can't believe it. And, REAL LIFE is coming quick! I start my new job on May 24th! HOWEVER, this weekend my cousin wants me to preg check 30 cows for him. He said, "well you're a vet aren't ya!"

I'm still waiting for the magic switch that turns me into a real vet and not a scared 4th year.
Hasn't happened yet.

Just in case you don't know much about preg checking cows, let me explain it to ya.

Doing it is actually realll simple.

And reallly rectal.


Let's just say you put the north-bound end of your arm into the south-bound end of a cow.


And you feel for the baby.

Doesn't sound too hard right??

Where it gets tricky is when you have a cow that's not very far along in her pregnancy, because it feels similar to an "open" or not pregnant cow. At least to me it feels similar.

But I'm just a young'n. The first 1000 head don't count, they say.

The trip here is that farmers usually sell "open" cows and want to keep pregos. So you better be right.


My cuz said that most of his cows should be pretty far along so hopefully I should be able to feel the calves . Either way, keep your fingers crossed for me and send one up to the big man that I don't let him down!!