Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Let me explain...

Adam and I took a trip to Hermann recently...we had a great time wandering around and tasting all of their delicious food and wine.  Here are some pics from the trip

           Peach Pie from Time 4 Pie...soooooo delicious!!!

Gotta love this guy's smile!!

I think the pie lasted maybe 30 seconds...maybe!

Wine tasting at Stone Hill

Let me explain...

Hearts vs. Turtles vs. Stars
We both thought frowny faces were too obvious since we didn't want them to feel bad if we didn't like a certain wine so we used our previous tic-tac-toe system of Hearts (me) vs. Turtles (Adam) plus Stars to mark whether we liked each wine.
Hearts = complete dislike (contradictory, I know!)
Turtles = Medium like
Stars = Really like!!
This might not be the most sophisticated wine ranking system, but I think it works!

Adam poked me to show me what he had written next to the "Norton" wine. I almost choked with laughter trying to avoid spitting wine across the counter at the nice wine-tasting lady.
Lars is his dog.

LOL.  I think this was my favorite moment from the entire trip. 

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