Monday, August 24, 2009

This week's Merck Monday question is in honor of my radiology rotation coming to it's inevitable end. Tommorow we finish up our rotation with the traditional ORAL exam (YIKES!). We are given 10 radiographs to figure out the night before, and then we have to explain what is wrong with each radiograph (one-on-one!) to the infamous Dr. Lattimer. Dr. L is famous for falling asleep while you're explaining your radiographs to him, and/or sighing loudly and discontentedly whenever one says anything incorrect about a radiograph. Kinda nerve-racking!

SO, in honor of all that, we'll have a radiograph for today's question:

It is a hot sunny afternoon in your clinic in Dell, Indiana, when one of your clients brings in her German Shephard, Klaus. Apparently, her dog Klaus was catching a frisbee when he immediately went down. Klaus is breathing very hard and fast, has pale mucous membranes, and his stomach feels very distended on abdominal palpation. You take a right lateral radiograph, and immediately have your diagnosis...what is wrong with Klaus's stomach?

A. Gastric Bloat
B. Gastric Dilitation and Volvulus
C. Gastric Adenocarcinoma
D. Obstructed Pylorus

Good luck, remember this dog is about to die, so don't be wrong! (haha juuuuuuust kidding!!)But, that is a slight hint, this is a pretty serious condition!


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  1. Well I don't think anything in there looks obstructed; so I'm going to guess C because I can't pronounce it.