Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I thought I'd introduce my furry four-legged family members tonight. Let me start by introducing Marley, my cat, by showing you what I foudn waiting for me in the kitchen when I came home from work this afternoon:

An entire roll of toilet paper, shredded to bits all over the kitchen floor. I love Marley to death, but this wasn't her proudest moment. I've had Marley since she was just 2 weeks old. My classmates and I bottle fed her from the day she was born, because she was born at a spay-neuter clinic. Her mother was being spayed, and the pregnancy was so far along that the kittens (there were 3!) were breathing by the time they got them out of the uterus. Basically, the surgery ended up being a pseudo-c-section, because the students couldn't put the kittens down. They rubbed them dry, and took them back to Columbia. The first time I met Marley was when all three kittens sat through an exam with us in their little kennel (it was finals week). At this point, they were small enough to fit in the palm of your hand! I remeber I could hear their tiny little meows throughout the exam, but I didn't mind ;)
Marley has developed into a very much a 1-person cat. She likes me well enough, but anyone else had better watch their back, or they're likely to get attacked! Oh well.
By the way, the answer to the Merck Monday question was choice D, Saddle Thrombus! Good job to ieatblueflamingo, whoever the heck you are, and thanks everybody else for playing!
A saddle thrombus is a clot that lodges itself between the bifurcation of the arteries that feed blood to the back legs. That explains why the back legs feel cold, because there is compromised blood flow to them.

Have a good night, everyone!
:) Rachel


  1. Marley is mean.

    In other news, Thorina peed on a pillow this morning that fell off our bed during the night. Can you write a post about that?

  2. Did you take a picture of the pee stain?