Saturday, August 15, 2009

Progression of A Sunburn

My family and I recently went on a float trip on the Meramac river, which was super fun. We floated all day down the river and then at the end hiked up into a super, super cold spring (BRRRRRRRRR), and jumped off a rope swing. The rope swing was pretty hard for me, because I'm slightly afraid of heights, but I still did it, mainly just to prove I could. The actual swing part turned out to be pretty fun, but balancing in the tree trying to catch the rope was not fun at all. Anyway, all together I think we had a great time on the float trip. Unfortunately, float trips always come with some unfortunate consequences (hint: whether I use sunscreen or not). Here is a picture of me pre-float trip:

Here's what I looked like 6-hours post float trip:

And here are a couple pictures of what I look like 1 week post float trip (today):


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