Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dating in the Dark

Hello again!
Today I've decided to make my post about this goofy show that I've been watching recently, called "Dating in the Dark" . On the show, 6 participants (3 men, 3 women) are placed in a pitch black room and allowed to "get to know each other" without ever seeing each other in the daylight. After the initial get to know everybody group date session is over, each individual picks a person that they feel they got along with especially well to go on a single date with in the dark room. They can pick more than one person and go on multiple dates if they like. Usually what happens is they end up finding somebody they feel they have a "connection" with and they'll go on more than one date with that person.
At the end of the show, each person picks one person that they would like to see revealed in the light before they decide whether or not they're going to continue seeing that person at the end of the show. They only get to see that person for like 2 seconds total, then the lights are out again. They also do not see each other while they are being revealed, so they can't see each others facial expressions when they see who they've been dating the whole time. Sometimes, their expressions are pretty comical!
Being as this is a reality TV show, I'm pretty sure it's just a big set up of wanna-be Hollywood actors and actresses, but it does kinda make you think about dating in general! When you remove the superficial aspect of what people look like, all the participants have to go on is whether or not they like each other's actual personality, and then in the end, you can see how superficial a person is or is not based on what they decide after their "date" is revealed in the light. Sometimes it works out surprisingly well and the "hot guy" ends up going out with the goofy looking glasses wearing girl, but definitely not always! Last night, for example, a girl dumped a guy that she felt she had gotten along really well with because he was too short!
I think that the show is alot like dating in a bar really...it's dark in there, your senses are likely somewhat impaired, and you're taking your pick from whoever in the world just happened to show up that night! Anyway, even though it's most likely a set-up (it's just waaaaaaaaay to cliche, for example, all the self-proclaimed crazy red-heads, blonde surfer girls, and good little catholic girl brunettes) I still get a kick out of watching it. It's on ABC monday nights if you feel like checking it out too!! Let me know what you think.

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  1. Hey! I watch this show too! I feel so bad for them when they get dumped.