Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Hey Everyone,
Just wanted to drop a happy Thanksgiving to everyone on T-day eve. I will be spending Thanksgiving unfortunately away from my family while being on call here for Equine Ambulatory. However, several of my friends from vet school also are on call or have patients in the hospital to take care of, and we've decided to band together and have our own little T-day celebration, so thankfully I won't be spending most of it alone (and it sounds like we'll be having some delicious food as well!!). I will definitely miss my family, and this is the first Thanksgiving I can remember ever missing, but I think it will be ok. Adam is also coming over later to hang out so I'll have good company definitely. :)
Anyway, I've decided to post this endearing video to help all of you out there understand why I'm so attached to my crazy/evil cat. This is a video of Marley when she was just about 4 weeks old. I've literally had this cat since she was a 2 week old baby so I guess maybe you can see why there's a bond there.

Make sure to turn up the volume so you can hear her little mews and purrs!!

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