Saturday, September 5, 2009

Trip to KC and Steamboat Arabia!!

I thought I'd post a few pics from our trip to KC to visity my younger sister Ashley (who is freakin awesome!) for her birthday, and our trip to the farmer's market/Steamboat Arabia museum. We had a great time on this trip, you should check it out!

Not sure, but I think these are bones from a pig that was on board the boat when it went down. I think the story was that the only thing that actually died was a mule, so I imagine the hog was for the fancy din din's the ppl on board the boat had.

This is my sis Ashley and my Mom and Stepdad Tim. They also are awesome.
Ash is a budding fashion designer!

This is a cool looking bottle of wine that says "Papillon" on it. I don't know what the connection is between this guys hands, and the ridiculously yippy breed of dog, but I thought it looked cool.

A pineapple from the farmer's market!! I don't even like to eat pineapples, but I thought it was pretty. :)

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