Monday, December 21, 2009

How to have a good time in MEXICO!!

How to do it up right in Mexico!!

1. Go with 3 great old friends...
2. Lose your passport promptly upon arriving at the Mexican Airport
3 Find it again within 10 minutes (this part is crucial)
4. Pack a ridiculous amount of stuff that way you have to lug it through customs...
5. Lay on the beach for 4 days and get incredibly sunburnt on your right side only
6. Do several shots of tequila and somehow injure yourself under the bar, that's correct, I said UNDER the bar.
7. Go snorkeling and almost get separated from the group because you were swimming after a sea turtle...
8. Tell the customs agents you're only bringing back "Christmas presents"...they might get kinda grouchy about that Mexican vanilla!!

;) ;) These are just options you can take, in case you hadn't guessed already this is the short-and-sweet version of my WONDERFUL vacation to the land of Mexico!!

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  1. LOL Love it!!!!! Yep, that pretty much sums that up!!! Hahahahhahaa.